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Review added by Andy Basett-Scott (16-06-2010)
My daughter absolutely loves singing at Kathryns'.The atmosphere at everything she does is fantastic and famly friendly, we all love it. It has given Effie so much confidence as a student and a person. We can't thank Kathryn enough for all that she does.

    Review added by Katie Sunlay (10-06-2010)
Kathryn helped me to achieve my DipLCM after failing it earlier in the year. She has been so supportive and helpful and helped me to expand on technique and explore different singing styles which I didn't have the confidence to try out previously. On some level I am glad I failed my exam the first time around, or I would never have come to Kathryn in the first place!
    Review added by Aby Langford (24-05-2010)
Fantastic teaching and really friendly. I've found a new confidence since starting and would like to thank Kathryn for all her work.

Review added by Eve Winter (29-05-2010)
I have been doing lessons with Kathryn for 4 years. Have reached grade 6 in those 4 years and also my voice has matured. Kathryn is a good teacher because she is patient and helpful during the lessons.

    Review added by Stephanie (28-05-2010)
Kathryn is lovely and a great teacher. With her, I have achieved grades 1-4 in musical theatre and grade 1 in piano, despite being with her just over three years. She has helped me gain my confidence a lot, which really helped with my college and school work. I enjoy performing in the concerts because we have fun doing them.
    Review added by Tommy Agnew (19-05-2010)
Kathryn is a down to earth and friendly tutor, i have been working with her for almost three years and am now working towards my grade 8 exam, I have come on leeps and bounds and my confidence has doubled since starting my singing lesson.

Review added by David Gill (21-01-2010)
Kathryn is a very friendly and knowledgable singing teacher who has given me a lot of confidence. A year prior to starting my lessons with Kathryn I went for a lesson with a different teacher who told me I could not and would never be able to sing, because of this I did not sing in public for over nine months. Since having lessons with kathryn she has not only given me the confidence to sing in public but to also I am getting ready to do my Grade 6 Musical Theatre exam. I could not ask for a nicer, friendlier or a more professional teacher.
    Review added by Joanne McKie (01-02-2010)
I couldn't ask for a better teacher in Kathryn. My girls having been having singing lessons with Kathryn for a number of years now and I am extremely happy with her methods of teaching. She is highly professional but extremely friendly and puts the girls so much at ease helping with confidence building, she is able to identify strengths and weaknesses and address individual needs. She has taken them right through to Grade 5 Musical Theatre professional examinations and are they now working towards Grade 6, both having achieved merits and distinctions. She is a credit to herself, and the girls' time spent with Kathryn whilst growing up, I'm sure will be something they will always remember fondly about their childhood.
    Review added by Hollie Peirson (18-07-2008)
I think that Kathryn is a fantastic teacher! I have only been with her for about four months but already I can see the improvement in my singing. I have become more powerful in my singing, my confidence has improved and I have had the oppertunity to already do a Grade 2 singing exam. She has a very fun and kind approach and I would reccomend her to anyone.

Review added by Stacey Tomlinson (19-01-2010)
Kathryn is an excellent teacher. She is friendly, kind, patient and understanding especially to those who struggle with nerves and confidence like myself. She is also very professional to work with whilst remaining fun at the same time. I have been studying with Kathryn now for almost 10 months now and I have already achieved a grade 6 merit in musical theatre. My confidence has come on leaps and bounds and although I still have a way to go I feel confident that Kathryn is the one to help me achieve my goals.
    Review added by Lucy Jackson (13-02-2010)
Being a little older now (late 20's) I felt apprehensive about taking music lessons again, but I found Kathryn to be relaxed and friendly, creating a great learning environment and getting results! I have only been singing with Kathryn for a few months but recently achieved my Grade 6 in Musical Theatre (and got a distinction!) and am now working toward my Grade 8. The lessons are very enjoyable and I look forward to achieving even more and continuing to have fun. I would certainly recommend Kathryn as a music teacher to anyone.
    Review added by Eilish Jennison (13-05-2010)
I started with kathryn at the summer of 2006 and she has given me the confidence to sing solo and in a group in front of an audience i am now doing my grade 8 and hope to do diploma next year. I enjoy my lessons and thank kathryn for all the support she has given me over the years.

Review added by Brooke Sunlay (11-06-2010)
I can honestly say that Kathryn Adams is The Best of The Best music teachers ( in my experience!). She is also a fabulous Piano Teacher. She has helped me progress my music career and it has definatly showed result. Kathryn also helps Charities with her power of music! Charity Concerts are held more that once a year and with her Hull Music Group (Know as The Hull Music Singers), She hold concerts to help us live our dreams. I can honestly say I recommend Kathryn Adams to anyone who wants to progress in a music career in Piano or Singing. I have happily passed 4 grades with a Distinction or Merit and each time I sing I will always think of Kathryn as she has helped me through tick and thin.
    Review added by Francesca Ridley (24-05-2010)
I have been taught by Kathryn for four years and have enjoyed every minute of it,even justbefore exams. Katheryn makes me work hard but that's part of whatmakes her such a great teacher.

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